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Revolutionizing Battery Safety: Breakthrough Fiber Optic Device Offers Critical Early Warning

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 Revolutionizing Battery Safety: Breakthrough Fiber Optic Device Offers Critical Early Warning

An innovative, multi-modal integrated fiber optic device has been created thanks to a landmark collaboration between Jinan University and the University of Science and Technology of China. This ground-breaking technology, which can be implanted into industrial lithium batteries, represents a historical turning point since it allows for accurate study and early detection of the whole thermal runaway process. This innovative development has the potential to completely change how secure energy storage systems are all around the planet.

Thermal runaway

A Milestone in Battery Safety

Long-standing barrier to the widespread use of electric cars and innovative energy storage technologies is battery thermal runaway. This condition can progress from localized short circuits to catastrophic internal temperature spikes of over 800°C. It is characterized by a succession of intricate and interconnected processes occurring within the battery. The outcome was an explosion and fire. Energy storage safety must develop via an understanding of this complex process and the implementation of reliable early warning systems.

The Birth of a Game-Changing Technology

The study teams lead by Professor Sun Jinhua, Professor Guo Tuan, and Researcher Wang Qingsong have developed a brilliant answer. This idea can be implanted right into the battery by creating a multi-modal integrated optical fiber in-situ monitoring device. It touts the capacity to operate dependably under harsh conditions, withstanding pressures and temperatures of up to 1000 bar. This astonishing accomplishment enables simultaneous and accurate measurement of internal pressure and temperature during the whole thermal runaway process of a battery.

Overcoming Technical Hurdles

The tight construction of the battery, together with the complicated internal response systems, was one of the key obstacles in delivering accurate early warnings. The fiber optic sensor integration not only provides accuracy but also tackles the issue of crosstalk between temperature and pressure readings. A unique approach for separating heat generation from air pressure changes has been developed, yielding important insights into the mechanisms that cause thermal runaway.

A Glimpse into the Future

Looking ahead, this innovation paves the way for the simultaneous monitoring of multiple vital parameters within a battery, including temperature, pressure, refractive index, gas composition, and ion concentration. This convergence of fiber optic sensing technology with batteries holds immense promise for applications in new energy vehicles, safety detection in energy storage power stations, and beyond.

This multi-modal integrated fiber optic gadget represents a quantum advance in battery safety technologies. Its ability to transform the safety landscape of energy storage systems not only secures the future of electric cars, but also ushers in a new era of trust in the field of energy storage. With this significant accomplishment, we take another step toward a future in which energy is utilized ethically and securely.


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