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AJPOWER Product Introduction
AJ-Controller Series

Introducing the AJ-Controller Series, a range of advanced and reliable solar charge controllers designed by AJPOWER. Our controllers are specifically engineered to efficiently manage the charging and discharging of solar energy systems, ensuring optimal performance and protection for your solar power setup.

The AJ-Controller Series features various models and configurations to cater to different solar system sizes and applications. From small-scale residential systems to large-scale commercial installations, we have a controller that suits your specific needs.

Our controllers are equipped with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, which allows them to maximize the energy harvest from solar panels by continuously tracking and adjusting to the panel's optimal power output. This ensures that your solar system operates at its highest efficiency and generates maximum power even under varying weather conditions.

AJ-Controllers are designed with user-friendly interfaces, making them easy to set up and operate. They feature clear LCD displays, intuitive navigation menus, and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, providing real-time data on system performance, battery status, charging modes, and more.

Safety and protection are paramount in our AJ-Controller Series. Our controllers are equipped with multiple built-in protections, including overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit, reverse polarity, and over-temperature safeguards. These features safeguard your solar system components, prolong battery life, and ensure the safety of your investment.

With the AJ-Controller Series, you can have peace of mind knowing that your solar power system is being efficiently managed and protected. Our controllers offer reliable and intelligent control over your solar energy, maximizing its usage and extending the lifespan of your batteries.

Choose AJ-Controller Series from AJPOWER for efficient and reliable solar charge control. Experience the benefits of advanced technology, user-friendly interfaces, and robust protection for your solar energy systems.

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