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AJPOWER Illuminates Dubai: A Green Energy Journey

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In the vibrant city of DubaiAJPOWER recently took center stage at the Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition SME, held from March 6 to March 8, 2023. The exhibition proved to be a resounding success, resonating with the energy and enthusiasm that defines this modern hub. As we immersed ourselves in the innovative atmosphere, we were thrilled to witness the spirit of collaboration take shape. Several valuable partnerships were forged during the event, marking the beginning of a shared commitment to building a green energy world.

Dubai Exhibition

The success and warm reception in Dubai spurred our confidence, prompting us to participate non-stop in the upcoming China International Trade Expo (UAE). Scheduled to unfold at the prestigious Dubai World Trade Center from December 19 to December 21, 2023, this expo promises to be a continuation of the positive momentum generated during the Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition SME.

China International Trade Expo (UAE)

At the heart of the action will be our exhibition space in Hall Arena AF114, the first exhibition hall. It's here that we invite friends, partners, and enthusiasts of green energy to join us, explore our offerings, and engage in meaningful conversations. We are excited to share updates, showcase our cutting-edge lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4), and unveil the latest innovations in home energy storage systems and power batteries,In particular, sodium-ion batteries are brought to the exhibition for the first time, which will be the beginning of another energy revolution.


Dubai, with its wealth and magical allure, presents a fitting backdrop for our endeavors. The city's forward-thinking approach aligns seamlessly with AJPOWER's commitment to sustainable energy solutions. The exhibitions serve as a platform for us to connect with like-minded individuals and businesses, fostering collaborations that will contribute to the realization of a cleaner and greener future.

sodium-ion batteries

As we eagerly anticipate the China International Trade Expo (UAE), we extend an open invitation to all to visit our exhibition space, where surprise activities await. Join us on this journey towards a sustainable, energy-efficient world. Together, let's make a difference and illuminate Dubai with the brilliance of green energy. Stay tuned for updates, and we look forward to welcoming you at Hall Arena AF114.


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