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12V to 58V 20A DC to DC booster converter 1160W boost module voltage regulator

Introducing the 12V to 58V 20A DC to DC Booster Converter, a powerful voltage regulator that allows you to boost the voltage output of your system. With a maximum output power of 1160W, this module enables you to efficiently regulate and increase the voltage from 12V to 58V. Whether you're powering high-voltage devices or need to match specific voltage requirements, this booster converter provides reliable and precise voltage regulation. Upgrade your power system with the 12V to 58V 20A DC to DC Booster Converter and unlock new possibilities for your applications.

  • AJP1258JL1160H

12V to 58V 20A DC to DC booster converter 1160W boost module voltage regulator

Product advantages

Voltage Boosting Capability: The AJPOWER 12V to 58V 20A DC to DC Booster Converter has the ability to boost the voltage from 12V to 58V, allowing for compatibility with higher voltage systems or devices.

High Power Output: With a maximum power output of 1160W, this booster converter can handle high power loads and provide sufficient power for demanding applications.

Efficient Voltage Regulation: The voltage regulator ensures stable and accurate voltage output, maintaining a consistent and reliable power supply for connected devices or systems.

Wide Range of Applications: This booster converter can be used in various scenarios, such as automotive, industrial, or renewable energy applications, where a higher voltage is required.

Compact and Reliable Design: The AJPOWER booster converter features a compact and robust design, ensuring durability and reliability in different operating conditions.

Product advantages

Rated output power (W) 1160W
Rated input voltage (V) 12VDC
Rated output voltage (V) 58VDC



Voltage (V) 10~32VDC
Starting voltage: 10V
No-load power consumption (W) <0.4W
Typical Efficiency 94%



Voltage (V) 58 VDC
Current (A) 20A
Voltage regulation rate 1%

Characteristic Load Regulation 3%
Ripple Voltage(mvp-p) < 200mv External 22UF capacitor ESR﹤0.1Ω100KHZ
Protection circuit and others Overcurrent Protection In the case of rated output, if it is greater than 20% of the rated current, the overcurrent protection will operate, the power will be limited and the voltage will be reduced, and it will automatically recover after the overcurrent disappears.
Output short circuit protection YES
Insulation Input-Output non-isolation
Waterproof Fully sealed glue filling and waterproof
Other Size 220*130*50mm
Weight 2200g
Rated temperature rise (°C) 45℃
Reliability >100000h
cooling method Natural cooling is designed for natural cooling and heat dissipation (differences in the use environment and installation location affect the power usage), pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation when using high power.
Installation dimensions

booster Installation dimensions

booster application diagram

Product Features

1 Design meeting RoHS / CE
2 High efficiency: 94%
3 Non-isolated between input and output
4 Internal capacitor: NCC & NICHICON (high reliability)
5 100% full load burn-in test
6 Over load, Over temperature and Over voltage protections
7 Fully sealed glue filling and waterproof
8 12 months warranty

boost module voltage regulator

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