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AJPOWER CO.,LTD. New Energy Launches Revolutionary Offer at South Africa Exhibition: Unprecedented Discounts Propel Green Energy Era

Oct 10, 2023

Board of Directors Announces Groundbreaking Promotion - "0 USD Agency Fee, Dollar-for-Dollar Product Returns

A pioneer in the green energy field, AJPOWER Company has raised the bar for accessibility and affordability in the sector. During a recent exhibition in South Africa, the company's board of directors launched a historic promotion, sparking enthusiasm and attracting the attention of prestigious media sources including China Global Television Network (CGTN).

Interview with South Africa

Unprecedented Offer: 0 USD Agency Fee with Full Product Return

In a first for the sector, AJPOWER New Energy unveiled a ground-breaking campaign that allows prospective agents to sign up without paying any agency fees. Additionally, agents will get a dollar-for-dollar refund on the things they buy. By democratizing access to top-notch green energy options, this daring initiative intends to enable everybody to participate in the renewable energy revolution.

Agency activities

A Resounding Success at South Africa Exhibition

The news spread excitement across the South African trade show, sparking a frenzy of interest from visitors and stakeholders. The outcome was nothing short of extraordinary, as five new agents were signed on the same day.

Strategic Support for New Agents

The success of AJPOWER New Energy's partners is important to the company. The business promised to offer these five new agents complete assistance, utilizing its knowledge and resources to aid in their entry into the South African market. This cooperative strategy demonstrates AJPOWER's commitment to group advancement and the quickening of the uptake of green energy.

Cooperative agent group photo

A Full Spectrum of Cutting-Edge Products

The campaign includes a wide variety of goods, such as lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, home energy storage systems, MPPT solar controllers, home energy storage systems, and home energy batteries. This extensive offering demonstrates AJPOWER's dedication to giving complete green energy solutions.

A Visionary Approach to Home Energy

In addition to individual parts, AJPOWER New Energy provides a comprehensive home energy plan that is intended to maximize households' energy use and efficiency. This all-encompassing strategy intends to transform how households capture and use energy, resulting in a less negative impact on the environment and cheaper utility prices.

Transforming Factory Energy Dynamics

The dedication to sustainability at AJPOWER extends to its manufacturing processes. In order to reduce its environmental impact, the company has established a comprehensive manufacturing energy strategy that includes green business practices and green technology.

This significant advancement marks a turning point in the shift to environmentally friendly new energy sources. The innovative strategy of AJPOWER CO.,LTD. together with its steadfast dedication to collaboration and sustainability, establishes a new benchmark for the sector.


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