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AJPB-61 DC12-30v LiFePO4 
Outdoor Portable Power Station 1280Wh/1000W

Introducing the AJPB-61 DC12-30V LiFePO4 Outdoor Portable Power Station! With a whopping 1280Wh capacity and a 1000W power output, this versatile powerhouse provides reliable energy for all your outdoor adventures. Its advanced LiFePO4 battery technology ensures long-lasting performance and enhanced safety. From camping trips to off-grid excursions, the AJPB-61 is your reliable companion, providing ample power to keep your devices charged and essential appliances running. Stay powered up and connected with the AJPB-61 Outdoor Portable Power Station!

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AJPB-61 DC12-30v LiFePO4 
Outdoor Portable Power Station 1280Wh/1000WAJPB61 Product Application Diagram

Strong Power, long-term battery life

3279mAh Iphone Supply 108 times

iphone icon

6000mAh Ipad

Supply 52 times

ipad icon

1800mAh Camera

Supply 210 times

Camera icon

35W Car refrigerator Supply 32 hours

Car refrigerator icon

50W 32 Inch TV

Supply 30 hours

32 Inch TV

60W Laptop

Supply 19 hours

Laptop icon

100W Light bulb

Supply 12 hours

Light bulb

Solar charging

Solar charging

Product advantages
More Reliable:LiFePO4 battery, LIFEBMS invention patent, fire and explosion resistance, long service life.No open flame and no explosion after heavy pressure,Cycle life≥3000 times.
Constant powerAC output:Double the load,up to 2000W or more,Intelligent inverter technology, compatible with 99of common electrical equipment, even if the rated poweris exceeded, it can continue to supply power without interruption.
Long usage time:Smart choice of secondary battery, double the power.The secondary battery can be matched with a variety of models, more freedom of choice
Instantlyjump start the car:Instant jump start 12V car, worry-free electricity,World-leading Car Jump Starter technology.
Production information
Technical Parameters
Battery Capacity Size USB Output DC Output Output




USB-C PD100W(5V/3A;9V/3A;




Car charger plug+DC port(x2):12V/10A 12V Jump starter
Input Weight AC Output Output Wave Peak Current

DC 12-30V


16.8kg 100V60HZ/220V 50Hz 1000W sine wave 1000A

Product Features

AJPB61 Safety portable power supply

SafetySafety: The AJPB-61 Outdoor Portable Power Station prioritizes safety with built-in safety features, ensuring secure operation during outdoor use.

Energy Storage CapacityEnergy Storage Capacity: With a storage capacity of 1280Wh, this portable power station provides ample energy storage for outdoor activities or emergency situations.

Power OutputPower Output: The power station offers a maximum power output of 1000W, providing sufficient power to run various electronic devices and appliances.

EfficiencyEfficiency: The AJPB-61 power station exhibits high energy efficiency, optimizing power usage and maximizing the available energy for extended operation.

Integration with Solar SystemsPortability: Being outdoor portable, this power station is designed for easy transportation and use in various outdoor environments.

Monitoring and ControlIntegration with Solar Systems: The power station is compatible with solar panel integration, allowing for renewable energy charging and increased sustainability during outdoor adventures.

Cost savingsMonitoring and Control: The power station includes monitoring and control features, enabling users to track power usage, battery status, and control the charging and discharging processes.

Sustainable Energy SolutionVersatility: The AJPB-61 power station serves as a versatile power solution for outdoor enthusiasts, camping trips, RVs, and emergency backup power, ensuring reliable and convenient access to electricity in remote locations or during power outages.

Company Information

With a focus on the design, development, and production of premium batteries and energy storage systems, AJPOWER is a market leader in novel energy solutions. We are dedicated to providing goods and services that uphold the highest levels of quality and client satisfaction, as evidenced by our ISO 9001 accreditation.

Home energy storage batteries, portable power supplies, power batteries, and RV energy storage systems are all part of our product line. The varying energy requirements of residential, commercial, and recreational vehicle applications are being met by these cutting-edge technologies.

Our home energy storage battery is the foundation of everything we have to offer. These batteries enable households to optimize their energy use, lessen their dependency on the grid, and boost their energy independence. They are made to store extra energy produced from renewable sources. Our batteries are designed to endure a variety of environmental factors, providing dependable operation even at extremely low temperatures of below 2°C.

Our portable power packs offer a practical and dependable source of energy for power requirements while moving. Our portable power packs provide a lightweight and portable option to keep your gadgets charged and functional whether you're camping, traveling, or working remotely. These power packs give effective and lasting power wherever you need it thanks to cutting-edge battery technology.

You can rely on our knowledge, attention to quality, and focus on customer satisfaction when you work with AJPOWER. We are your dependable partner in new energy solutions, providing premium batteries, cutting-edge goods, and individualized, humane services. Come along with us as we embrace a cleaner future and fully use renewable energy.

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