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AJ24150 150Ah High-Capacity Power Battery for Renewable Energy Integration

Reliable Energy on Demand: Trust Our Batteries for Unmatched Performance.

  • AJ24150

AJ24150 150Ah High-Capacity  Power Battery for Renewable Energy Integration

Product advantages


Our batteries exhibit exceptional durability, retaining more than 80% of their capacity even after enduring 3,500 cycles of 1C charge and discharge at 100% depth of discharge (DOD).


With a weight that is only 25% of an equivalent lead-acid battery, our batteries offer a remarkable advantage in terms of reduced weight.


Our batteries can be easily expanded in parallel or series configurations, allowing for seamless scalability to achieve higher capacity or voltage levels.

Swift Charge at 1C:

Experience rapid charging with our high-performance batteries, capable of continuous 1.5C discharge and 10C pulse discharge for enhanced power output.

Unmatched Safety:

With exceptional thermal and chemical stability, our LiFePO4 batteries come with a comprehensive array of built-in protection functions, such as overcharging, overdischarging, overheating, and short circuit safeguards, guaranteeing unparalleled safety.

Production information

Model Nominal Voltage Nominal Capacity Stored Energy Weight Dimension (LxWxH)
AJ24150 25.6V 150A 3.84kWh 38kg 505x260x225mm
Operating Current Protective Current Serial Connection Parallel Connection IP Protection Peak Discharge Current
100A 110A Max2S Max4P IP 67 400A

Product Features

LONG LIFEUnrivaled Durability: Engineered for an impressive lifespan of 10 years, our batteries outperform lead-acid alternatives, delivering over three times the longevity and ensuring a dependable power supply for extended durations.

ULTRA SAFESafety: Experience unparalleled peace of mind with our battery's unwavering commitment to safety, boasting exceptional thermal and chemical stability alongside a comprehensive suite of built-in protection functions.

ALL-WEATHER PERFORMANCEReliability: Embrace unparalleled performance throughout the year with our batteries' exceptional resilience. From scorching heat to freezing cold, they thrive in all weather conditions, effortlessly operating at temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C). With the added advantage of an optional self-heating function, recharging in chilly environments becomes seamless, ensuring unwavering power regardless of the climate.

FAST CHARGE ANY TIMESwift Recharge on the Go: Experience the convenience of lightning-fast charging with our power batteries, outpacing traditional lead-acid counterparts. Now, you can effortlessly replenish your energy levels in the time it takes to enjoy a brief coffee or meal break, ensuring uninterrupted power and keeping you on the move with ease.

LOW SELF-DISCHARGESustained Power Storage: Unlock the benefits of our power batteries with exceptional power retention capabilities. With an impressively low self-discharge rate, our batteries retain over 97% of their charge each month, guaranteeing long-lasting energy storage for extended periods. 

COST EFFECTIVECost-Effective Performance: Embrace the economic advantages of our power batteries, designed for efficiency and long-term value. With minimal maintenance needs and an extraordinary lifespan, our batteries offer a smart investment that guarantees a quick return and substantial savings over time.

ECO-FRIENDLYGreen Power Solution: Embrace our environmentally conscious power batteries, which prioritize sustainability and safety. Free from acid spills, harmful fumes, and corrosive effects, our batteries provide a clean and eco-friendly power solution that minimizes environmental impact. 

ZERO MAINTENANCEHassle-Free Performance: Experience the convenience of our maintenance-free power batteries. Designed with sealed units, they require no maintenance, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted performance without the need for regular upkeep.  

Production comparison




Lead-Ac id Battery

AJPOWER LiFePO4 Battery vs Lead-Ac id Battery
Stable discharge condition LOW TEMPERATURE Unstable discharge condition
> 3,500 times CYCLE LIFE < 500 times
10 years DESIGN LIFE 3 years
As little as 1 hour CHARGING TIME Up to 8 hours
No charging memory, charge anytime CHARGING FREQUENCY Charge everyday after using
Multiple built-in protection, thermal and chemical stability SAFETY Gas inside may cause explosion
85% or more of the rated capacity at high load operation USEABLE CAPACITY 30%~50% of rated capacity at high load operation
Save about 70% over 5 years BATTERY COST High costs per year
Zero maintenance MAINTENANCE Frequent maintenance required
No pollution POLLUTION Yes. Noxious gases can be released during charging


 Company Information

AJ POWER, your all-in-one energy solution partner, has been accredited with ISO9001 certification from TUV Rheinland right from the start. Our diverse range of offerings includes power battery systemshousehold energy storage systemsRV energy storage systemsportable power stations, and a wide array of accessories.

Backed by our skilled and experienced R&D team, we are committed to providing not just off-the-shelf products, but also customized solutions to address your specific needs and preferences. We strive to deliver excellence in every aspect of our service.

who we are

We offer a wide selection of energy solutions that encompass solar panels, 51.2V series LiFePO4 batteries, solar charge controllers, and inverters or hybrid inverters.

Our comprehensive range of products caters to both off-grid and on-grid applications, providing households with energy solutions ranging from 5KWh to 60KWh. For off-grid vehicle applications, we provide flexible solar panels, solar charge controllers, 12V or 24V LiFePO4 batteries, pure sine wave inverters, and DC converter chargers or battery chargers.

In addition, our portable power stations are available in various capacities, ranging from 300W to 3000W. To complement our power stations, we offer foldable solar panels utilizing PET and ETFE technology, boasting an impressive 23.2% charge efficiency.

Furthermore, we specialize in crafting customized IoT solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of different industries and fields. We are dedicated to providing versatile and innovative energy solutions that address the evolving needs of our customers.

who we do

At AJ POWER, we prioritize personalized and efficient service, offering a one-to-one experience with our valued customers.

Our dedicated team is committed to swift action, ensuring timely responses to inquiries and requests within 12 hours. We understand the importance of flexibility in order arrangements, and we strive to accommodate specific requirements and preferences to meet your needs.

As part of our commitment to delivering exceptional service, we provide 3D drawings within 3 days. These detailed visual representations help you visualize the desired product and make informed decisions.

Furthermore, once all specifications are confirmed, we expedite the development process and deliver prototypes within 7 days. Our streamlined production ensures that bulk orders are processed efficiently, with delivery within 20 days, guaranteeing a seamless experience from start to finish.

We are dedicated to providing a responsive and efficient service that exceeds your expectations, and we look forward to serving you with excellence.

why us

At AJ POWER, we take pride in our dedicated team and state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring exceptional service and high-quality products.

Our sales team, consisting of more than 20 professionals, is committed to providing considerate and personalized service. They are well-equipped with product knowledge and industry expertise to assist you in making informed decisions.

With over 30 patents and certificates, we offer specialized support and innovative solutions. Our experienced team continually strives to enhance our products and stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Our R&D team, comprising more than 60 professionals, is dedicated to developing professional solutions tailored to your specific needs. They work diligently to create cutting-edge products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

We have a workforce of over 100 skilled workers who are committed to ensuring the product quality. Their expertise and attention to detail guarantee that each product meets our stringent quality standards.

With a spacious workshop area exceeding 5000 square meters and two automatic production lines, we have the capacity to ensure fast and efficient production. Our advanced facilities enable us to meet demanding production schedules without compromising on quality.

To further ensure timely delivery, we maintain a stock of over 10,000 cells in our warehouse. This periodic inventory management system allows us to uphold the highest standards of quality and provides assurance in terms of both product availability and delivery.

At AJ POWER, we are committed to delivering outstanding service, innovative solutions, and superior product quality. We strive to exceed your expectations and provide you with a seamless experience throughout your engagement with us.

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The company specializes in the residential and commercial market, aiming to deliver the most cost-effective and fit-for-purpose solutions.
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