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AJPB-62 DC 12v-30v camping portable power supply LiFePO4 1400Wh/1500W

Introducing the AJPB-62 DC 12V-30V Camping Portable Power Supply! With an impressive 1400Wh capacity and a robust 1500W power output, this LiFePO4-powered companion is perfect for your camping adventures. Charge your devices, run appliances, and keep your campsite powered with ease. Its durable design and versatile voltage range make it ideal for outdoor use. Stay energized and enjoy the convenience of the AJPB-62 Camping Portable Power Supply on your next camping trip!

  • AJPB-62

AJPB-62 DC 12v-30v camping portable power supply LiFePO4 1400Wh/1500W

AJPB62 Product Application Diagram

Strong Power, long-term battery life

3279mAh Iphone Supply 49 times

iphone icon

6000mAh Ipad

Supply 25 times

ipad icon

1800mAh Camera

Supply 82 times

Camera icon

35W Car refrigerator Supply 15 hours

Car refrigerator icon

50W 32 Inch TV

Supply 10 hours

32 Inch TV

60W Laptop

Supply 9 hours

Laptop icon

10W Light bulb

Supply 53 hours

Light bulb

Solar charging

Solar charging

Product advantages

Portable and Camping-Friendly: The AJPB-62 DC 12V-30V Camping Portable Power Supply is designed for camping and outdoor use, providing a convenient and reliable power source for various devices and appliances.
Wide Voltage Range: With a voltage range of 12V-30V, this power supply is compatible with a wide range of camping equipment and can power devices that require different voltage levels.
High Energy Capacity: The AJPB-62 power supply offers a substantial capacity of 1400Wh/1500W, providing ample power storage for extended camping trips or outdoor activities.
Efficient and Reliable: Utilizing LiFePO4 battery technology, this power supply delivers efficient and reliable power output, ensuring consistent performance and minimizing energy wastage.
Versatile Usage: The AJPB-62 power supply can be used to power various camping essentials such as portable fridges, lights, fans, and charging electronic devices, enhancing the overall camping experience and convenience.

Production information

Technical Parameters
Battery Capacity Size USB Output DC Output Output




USB-C PD100W(5V/3A;9V/3A;




Car charger plug+DC port(x2):12V/10A 12V Jump starter
Input Weight AC Output Output Wave Peak Current

DC 12-30V


16.8kg 100V60HZ/220V 50Hz 1500W sine wave 1000A

Product Features

SafetySafety: With built-in safety measures, the AJPB-62 Camping Portable Power Supply places a high priority on security, assuring safe operation when camping or engaging in other outdoor activities.

Energy Storage CapacityEnergy Storage Capacity: This portable power source has a storage capacity of 1400Wh, which is more than enough to run camping equipment for lengthy periods.

Power OutputPower Output: The power supply's maximum power output is 1500W, which is more than enough to run electric stoves, portable coolers, and charge electrical gadgets when camping.

EfficiencyEfficiency: High energy efficiency makes the AJPB-62 power supply ideal for power utilization and extending runtime for outdoor activities.

Cost savingsPortability: This compact, lightweight power source is ideal for outdoor and camping use and makes it simple to acquire electricity in far-off places.

Integration with Solar SystemsIntegration with Solar Systems: The power supply may integrate solar panels, allowing customers to utilize renewable energy sources and recharge the device while camping.

Monitoring and ControlMonitoring and Control: The power supply has monitoring and control functions that let customers keep an eye on power use, check the health of their batteries, and manage the charging and discharging procedures.

Sustainable Energy SolutionVersatility: The AJPB-62 power supply is a flexible option for campers, offering dependable power for a range of outdoor activities, lighting, device charging, and small appliance power, improving the whole camping experience.

Company Information

AJPOWER is a trusted provider of new energy solutions, specializing in the development and production of high-quality batteries and energy storage systems. With our ISO9001 certification, we are committed to delivering products and services of the highest standards.

Our product lineup includes home energy storage batteriesportable power suppliespower batteries, and RV energy storage systems. Designed to meet the diverse energy needs of our customers, these solutions offer reliable and efficient power in various applications.

Our home energy storage batteries enable users to optimize their energy usage, reduce dependence on the grid, and increase energy independence. With advanced temperature management technology, these batteries can operate flawlessly even in extreme temperatures as low as 2°C.

For on-the-go power needs, our portable power supplies provide a compact and reliable source of energy. Whether you're camping, traveling, or working remotely, our portable power supplies ensure you stay connected and powered up wherever you go.

We also offer RV energy storage systems, tailored specifically to meet the power needs of recreational vehicles. These systems provide efficient power management, allowing RV enthusiasts to enjoy their adventures with peace of mind.

At AJPOWER, we pride ourselves on providing humanized customized services. Our dedicated team works closely with customers to understand their unique energy requirements and offer tailored solutions that optimize performance and efficiency.

With a commitment to quality and sustainability, AJPOWER is your reliable partner in new energy solutions. We strive to deliver high-quality batteries, innovative products, and personalized services to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Embrace a greener future with AJPOWER.

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