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20kwh 200V Stacked High Voltage Power Supply - Power Your Industrial Equipment

Introducing the Stacked High Voltage Power Supply, the ultimate solution to power your industrial equipment. With its impressive capacity and stacked high voltage design, this power supply delivers robust and reliable energy to meet the demands of your machinery. Whether it's powering heavy-duty equipment or providing backup energy, this advanced solution ensures uninterrupted operation and maximized efficiency. Power your industrial needs with confidence using the 20kWh 200V Stacked High Voltage Power Supply.

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20kwh 200V Stacked High Voltage Power Supply - Power Your Industrial Equipment

Product advantages





Massive Power Capacity: The 20kWh 200V 100Ah Stacked High Voltage Power Supply offers an impressive power capacity, providing substantial energy storage to meet the high demands of industrial equipment.

High Voltage Efficiency: This power supply operates at high voltage, ensuring efficient power conversion and delivery, maximizing energy utilization and reducing energy losses.

Stacked Design for Space Optimization: The stacked configuration allows for efficient space utilization, making it suitable for industrial settings where space may be limited.

Reliable Power for Industrial Equipment: This power supply delivers reliable and stable power, ensuring uninterrupted operation of industrial equipment and minimizing downtime.

Versatile Applications: The high voltage and large capacity of this power supply make it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, powering various types of equipment and machinery efficiently.

Production information

Technical Parameters
Model Energy Battery Type Capacity
AJES1920 19.2KW LiFePO4 100AH
Rated Voltage Max Charge Current Working Voltage Range Max Discharge Current
192V 100A 150~219V 100A
Standard Charge Current DOD Standard Discharge Current Max Parallel Quantity
50A 100% 50A 1
Designed Life-span[1]  Operation Humidity Operating Temperature[2] Nominal Operation Altitude
4000 cycles 5~95% Charge:0~60℃ Discharge:-10~60℃ <3000m
IP Rating Communication Installation Method Certification
IP22 RS485 Stacking CE
Net Weight Dimension(L*W*H) [1] Test conditions:100%DOD,0.2C charge&discharge at +25 ℃
200kg 710*450*700 mm [2] -10 ℃ to 10 ℃ will be derating

Product Features

SafetySafety: The Stacked High Voltage Power Supply prioritizes safety with robust safety features, ensuring secure and reliable operation for powering industrial equipment.

Energy Storage CapacityEnergy Storage Capacity: With a storage capacity of 20kWh and 100Ah, this power supply offers ample energy storage to efficiently power industrial equipment.

Power OutputPower Output: The high voltage power supply delivers a reliable and robust power output, meeting the high energy demands of industrial equipment.

EfficiencyEfficiency: The Stacked High Voltage Power Supply exhibits high energy efficiency, optimizing power usage and minimizing energy wastage, resulting in cost savings and improved industrial operations.

Integration with Solar SystemsIntegration with Solar Systems: This power supply seamlessly integrates with industrial systems, providing a reliable and stable power source to ensure smooth operation and productivity.

Monitoring and ControlMonitoring and Control: The power supply includes monitoring and control features, allowing for real-time tracking of power usage, voltage levels, and control over the power supply to optimize performance and reliability.

Cost savingsSavings: By utilizing the Stacked High Voltage Power Supply, industrial facilities can reduce their energy costs and improve efficiency, leading to significant cost savings over time.

Sustainable Energy SolutionPowering Industrial Equipment: This power supply is specifically designed to meet the power requirements of industrial equipment, providing a reliable and high-performance solution to ensure uninterrupted operation and productivity in industrial settings.

Company Information


AJPOWER is a supplier of energy solutions with ISO 9001 certification that provides a wide selection of goods and services. Power batteries, power supplies, residential energy storage batteries, and RV energy storage systems are our areas of expertise. We are committed to satisfying each customer's particular demands with an emphasis on premium products and individualized service.

Our home energy storage batteries give families and businesses dependable, effective energy storage, enabling them to efficiently control their energy use. We provide easy and transportable power solutions with our portable power supplies, providing dependable energy wherever you go. Our power batteries are made to give great performance and dependability while meeting the strict power needs of various sectors. Our RV energy storage solutions offer portable, efficient electricity for RV enthusiasts.

Our top priorities are quality and safety. To ensure that they meet the highest standards, our batteries go through stringent testing and quality control procedures. We put the safety and happiness of our clients first by utilizing cutting-edge safety features and durable designs.

We are aware that every consumer has different energy needs. We provide humanized and specialized services in order to give specialized solutions. Our knowledgeable staff collaborates directly with you to comprehend your energy objectives and develop solutions that provide the best possible performance and efficiency.

Our company's fundamental values are innovation and sustainability. To remain at the forefront of energy storage technology, we make investments in research and development. We support a greener and more sustainable future by increasing energy efficiency and adopting sustainable practices.


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