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AJPOWER Visits Changzhou Lithium Source Factory, Unveiling Revolutionary Lithium Iron Phosphate Technologies

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AJPOWER New Energy Co., Ltd., a leading provider of energy storage solutions, recently embarked on a visit to Changzhou Lithium Source's state-of-the-art factory. The visit provided a unique opportunity for AJPOWER to witness firsthand the company's cutting-edge developments in lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cathode materials.

Changzhou Lithium Source

Representatives from AJPOWER learned about Changzhou Lithium Source's cutting-edge production techniques and strict quality control procedures during the factory tour. The company's emphasis on research and development, which has led to the development of innovative LFP technologies, particularly impressed them.

The demonstration of Changzhou Lithium Source's most recent LFP material, "Fe Lithium No. 1," was one of the visit's highlights. This ground-breaking device has a special "black technology energy ball" that improves LFP material performance tremendously and produces remarkable discharge capacity retention rates—even at very low temperatures.

Representatives of AJPOWER were present when "Fe Lithium No. 1" demonstrated its exceptional performance in a number of tests. The material far outperformed industry standards, exhibiting an 85% discharge capacity retention rate at -20 ℃ and a 57% retention rate at -40 ℃.

Furthermore, AJPOWER representatives were intrigued by Changzhou Lithium Source's "Manganese Lithium No. 1" LMFP material. This next-generation cathode material offers an average discharge voltage of above 3.7V, significantly higher than conventional LFP materials. With a discharge capacity of not less than 140mAh/g at a 3C rate, "Manganese Lithium No. 1" promises improved power and energy density for batteries.

The Changzhou Lithium Source Factory visit by AJPOWER was enlightening. The company's innovative lithium iron phosphate technology holds the potential to transform the energy storage sector and make a positive impact on a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. AJPOWER looks forward to continuing to collaborate with Changzhou Lithium Source to bring these innovative products to market and drive the adoption of sustainable energy solutions.

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