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300W 36V single crystal integrated laminated Flexible and Portable 4-Fold Folding Solar Panel

Unleash the power of solar energy on the move with our 300W 36V Single Crystal Integrated Laminated Flexible and Portable 4-Fold Folding Solar Panel. This cutting-edge solar panel combines high power output with flexibility and portability. With its integrated laminated design and single crystal technology, it maximizes energy conversion even in challenging conditions. Whether you're traveling, camping, or exploring remote areas, this folding solar panel provides a convenient and sustainable power solution. Harness the sun's energy and enjoy the freedom of renewable power wherever you go with our versatile folding solar panel.

  • AJ-Y-300W36V

300W 36V single crystal integrated laminated Flexible and Portable 4-Fold Folding Solar Panel - Unleash Solar Power on the Move

Product advantages

High Power Output: The 300W 36V Single Crystal Integrated Laminated Flexible and Portable 4-Fold Folding Solar Panel delivers a significant power output, allowing you to harness ample solar energy on the move.

Flexible and Portable Design: With its integrated laminated and flexible structure, this solar panel offers versatility and portability, making it easy to fold and carry for on-the-go solar power generation.

Efficient Energy Conversion: The single crystal technology ensures efficient energy conversion, maximizing the solar energy harvested and providing optimal power output.

Lightweight and Compact: This folding solar panel is designed to be lightweight and compact, taking up minimal space during transportation and providing convenience for outdoor activities, camping, and other mobile applications.

On-the-Move Solar Power: With this solar panel, you can unleash the power of the sun wherever you go, enabling you to charge your devices, run small appliances, or power your portable power banks, allowing for sustainable energy usage and independence from traditional power sources.

Production information

Specification of Foldable Solar Panel
Specification Product name 150W 18V single crystal integrated laminated 4-fold folding package Document number AJ-Y-300W-4
Document name Y-300W-4 Specification Version number A/0
Electrical Performance Parameters (STC)
Specifications Unit Power  Working voltage (Vm) Working current (Im) Open-circuit voltage (Voc) Short-circuit current (Isc)
AJ-595W-8 W 300W 38 12.64 45.6 15.9
Power tolerance W 0 ~ +3
STC: AM=1.5, irradiance of 1000W / m2, Component temperature is 25℃
Essential parameter
Unfolded size (Length & width) 2665*845mm Solar Cells 18*4(2x9)/ Monocrystalline / 166mm
The back material Waterproof cloth (Black) Net weight About 13.6kg
Surface material ETFE Cable specification Customized / 2 M 16AWG
Materials EVA Packing specifications Carton + Pearl wool
Operating condition
DC Output Voltage 38V DC output current 10A
Adapter It can be customized according to customer request
Product Dimension

Product Dimension 


Product Features

Foldable DesignFoldable Design: The 300W 36V Single Crystal Integrated Laminated Flexible and Portable 4-Fold Folding Solar Panel features a foldable design, allowing for easy storage and transportation, making it highly portable for on-the-go solar power needs.

Easy to CarryEasy to Carry:  The lightweight and flexible construction of the panel makes it effortless to carry and set up in different locations, providing convenience during outdoor activities.

Adjustable BracketAdjustable Bracket:  The solar panel comes with an adjustable bracket, allowing users to position it at the optimal angle for maximum solar energy absorption and efficiency.

Multiple Charging PortsMultiple Charging Ports: The panel is equipped with multiple charging ports, enabling simultaneous charging of multiple devices, making it versatile for various power requirements.

Weather-Resistant and Durable StructureWeather-Resistant and Durable Structure: The integrated laminated and flexible design provides weather resistance and durability, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging outdoor conditions.

Expandable and ModularExpandable and Modular: The solar panel is expandable and can be used in a modular manner, allowing users to scale up their solar power capacity by adding more panels as needed.

High Energy Conversion EfficiencyHigh Energy Conversion Efficiency: The single crystal technology used in the panel ensures high energy conversion efficiency, maximizing the utilization of solar energy and optimizing power generation.

Versatile ApplicationUnleash Solar Power on the Move: The 300W 36V Single Crystal Integrated Laminated Flexible and Portable 4-Fold Folding Solar Panel offers a versatile and portable solution to unleash solar power wherever you go, providing a sustainable energy source for your mobile power needs.

Company Information

AJPOWER is a leading provider of flexible solar panels and foldable solar packs, offering innovative solutions for clean and sustainable energy. With our high-quality products and personalized service, we empower you to embrace a greener future.

Our flexible solar panels are designed to adapt to various applications, providing efficient and reliable energy generation. Whether for residential or commercial use, our panels deliver outstanding performance and durability.

Experience the convenience of our foldable solar packs, perfect for on-the-go power needs. Compact and lightweight, they provide portable energy for camping, hiking, or any outdoor adventure.

At AJPOWER, we understand that each customer has unique energy requirements. Our dedicated team offers customized solutions to meet your specific needs and guide you towards a greener and more sustainable lifestyle.


Join AJPOWER in harnessing the power of flexible solar panels and foldable solar packs, and contribute to a cleaner and brighter future. Together, let's make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the benefits of renewable energy.

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