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36V/48V MPPT Charge Controller 30A/40A Solar Photovoltaic Charging Controller

Introducing the 36V/48V MPPT Charge Controller, a powerful and efficient solution for solar photovoltaic charging. With a capacity of 30A or 40A, this charge controller is designed to optimize the charging process for your 36V or 48V solar system. Equipped with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, it ensures maximum power extraction from your solar panels, maximizing energy efficiency. Safeguard your batteries and enhance the performance of your solar charging system with the 36V/48V MPPT Charge Controller.

  • AJ-MA2430N15

AJPOWER 36V/48V MPPT Charge Controller 30A/40A Solar Photovoltaic Charging Controller

Product advantages

MPPT Technology: The 36V/48V MPPT Charge Controller utilizes Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, optimizing the solar panel's output and maximizing the charging efficiency of the connected batteries.

Dual Voltage Compatibility: This charge controller supports both 36V and 48V systems, providing flexibility and compatibility with various solar setups.

High Charging Capacity: With options of 30A or 40A, this charge controller has a high charging capacity, allowing for efficient and rapid charging of batteries in solar photovoltaic systems.

Intelligent Charging Control: The controller employs intelligent charging control algorithms to ensure optimal charging parameters for the connected batteries, maximizing their charging efficiency and extending their lifespan.

Reliable and Safe: The 36V/48V MPPT Charge Controller is designed with built-in protections such as overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit, and reverse polarity protection, ensuring the safety and durability of the connected batteries and the overall solar system.

Production information

Model MA2430N15 MA2440N15 MA2460N15 MA4830N15
Static power consumption ≤30mA ≤40mA ≤50mA ≤50mA
Battery type USE/FLD/GEL/LI/SLD(Default)
System Voltage 12V/24V 12V/24V/36V/48V
Battery's operating voltage range 8V-32V 8V-64V
Voltage Range at MPPT (Battery Voltage +2)~110V
Rated charging current 30A 40A 60A 30A
Maximum PV Input Current 27A 35A 53A 27A
Rated load current 30A 40A 40A 30A
MPPT Efficiency 99%
Charging Conversion Efficiency 85%-98%(10%~100% of rated power)
PV system maximum input power

400W/12V 800W/24V

520W/12V 1040W/24V

800W/12V 1600W/24V 400W/12V 800W/24V 1200W/36V 1600W/48V
Load operation mode
Pure light-dependent control, light and time-dependent control, manual mode (default), debugging mode, normally opened.

TTL Communication Baud Rate 9600kps
RS485 Communication One isolated RS485 communication port, with power output of 5V200mA,baud rate of 9,600kps by default and adjustable. 2 isolated RS485 communication ports, supporting parallel use, with power output of 5V200mA, baud rate of 9,600kps by default and adjustable.
CAN communication Optional (RV-C Protocol)
Historical Data Can store historical data of the past 300 days
Backlight function Light up if the key is pressed down, and automatically turn off in 20s if there is no key action
Protection function PV Overvoltage Protection, PV Reverse Connection Protection, PV Short-Circuit Protection, Nighttime Reverse Charge Protection, Input Limited Power Protection, Overtemperature Protection, Load Short-Circuit Protection, Load Overload Protection, Battery Supervoltage /Over-discharge Protection, Battery Reverse Connection Protection and Battery Terminal Short-Circuit Protection.
Grounding Type Co-negative design and negative grounding
Operating ambient temperature range -35℃~ 65℃ (no derating within 45℃ if well ventilated)
Protection grade IP32
Cooling mode Natural Cooling
Weight 2.3kg 2.3kg 3.4kg

Product dimensions



mppt the display 


Product Features

◆Using MPPT technology, the tracking efficiency of MPPT can reach 99.9%.

◆Support CAN communication function (optional).

◆Supports a wide variety of batteries such as SLA、GEL、FLD、Li、 user-defined.

◆Support line loss compensation of charging voltage, so that the battery charging voltage control is more accurate (partial models).

◆Support starting capacitive load and inductive load.

◆RS485 communication supporting standard Modbus protocol, with baud rate adjustable.

◆Support TTL communication of standard Modbus protocol, with baud rate fixed.

◆With perfect charging and discharging protection mechanism such as supervoltage, overcurrent, overload, overtemperature and short-circuiting.

◆ Using high-quality aluminum radiator and high-temperature derating processing can ensure reliable and efficient operation in each work environment.

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