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Safeguarding Your Energy: The Critical Importance of Monitoring Battery Health

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-10-12      Origin: Site


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Batteries play a crucial function in the field of energy storage. They act as the lifeblood of systems, supplying the energy required for efficient functioning. Nevertheless, utilizing lead-acid batteries that have reached the end of their useful lives poses considerable hazards and might have disastrous repercussions. The risks of utilizing lead-acid batteries that have reached their expiration date are as follows:

Expired lead-acid batteries

1.Risk of Thermal Runaway:

Batteries that are past their prime have higher internal resistance and less capacity. They produce excessive heat when charged, which might result in thermal runaway, a risky chain reaction that could cause mishaps including fire and explosion.

2.Power Outage Vulnerability:

During a mains power interruption, outdated batteries experience a rapid voltage drop during discharge. This premature exit from operation can easily trigger power outage accidents, compromising critical systems.

3.Compromised Battery Pack Performance:

The battery pack as a whole may be badly impacted by one or more expired batteries. Their presence causes poor pack consistency, which hastens system breakdown and reduces system longevity.

4.Physical Hazards:

Expired batteries are prone to swelling, leakage, and grounding short circuits. These issues can culminate in fires and electric shock accidents, posing significant risks to both equipment and personnel.

Proactive actions are crucial in the face of these possible threats. With their cutting-edge lead-to-lithium battery online monitoring system, AJPOWER addresses this important issue. This novel approach makes use of sophisticated parameter sensors to enable real-time battery pack examination. The system regularly monitors pack voltage, cell voltage, internal resistance, single-pole temperature, individual cell voltage, charge and discharge current, and discharge current, and instantly reports any deviations from predetermined criteria to ensure rapid action in the event of a battery failure.

Power, banking, communications, and IDC data rooms are just a few of the areas that AJPOWER is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of batteries in. With several series and a wide variety of models, AJPOWER may also offer specialized solutions catered to certain industrial requirements.

In summary, maintaining battery integrity and performance is essential for the secure and effective operation of energy storage systems. We can all work together to raise the bar for security and dependability in the energy sector by recognizing the dangers posed by outdated lead-acid batteries and putting them to use. To find out more about AJPOWER Co., Ltd.'s cutting-edge battery monitoring solutions and how they help protect your important operations, get in touch with them right now.


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