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Installing a 22KW Hybrid Off-Grid Solar System in an Indonesian Studio Apartment

Jun 29, 2023

Individuals and organisations are increasingly turning to renewable energy sources to satisfy their energy demands as the globe strives for a greener, more sustainable future. Rising power expenses forced the proprietors of a mixed studio apartment in Indonesia to seek an alternate solution. They were able to drastically reduce their power cost issues by installing the AJPOWER hybrid off-grid solar system. 

The landlords of the mixed studio apartment in Indonesia faced rising power expenses, threatening their entire financial stability. In order to ease this fear, they chose to invest in a 22KW hybrid off-grid solar system. This decision marked the start of the apartment complex's path towards a more sustainable and cost-effective energy future.

The Hybrid Off-Grid Solar System

The AJPOWER Hybrid Off-Grid Solar System:

AJPOWER Hybrid Off-Grid Solar Inverter: The system is equipped with four 5KW AJPOWER hybrid off-grid solar inverters, which serve as the backbone of the energy infrastructure. These inverters seamlessly integrate solar power generation with grid connectivity, ensuring a continuous and reliable energy supply. By intelligently managing energy flow, they optimize power consumption and minimize dependence on the grid, resulting in reduced electricity bills.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries: The installation includes three vertical Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries with a capacity of 200Ah and a voltage of 51.2V. These advanced batteries provide efficient and long-lasting energy storage, enabling the apartment complex to store excess solar energy for use during periods of low generation or grid outages. The batteries ensure a consistent power supply and further reduce reliance on the traditional electrical grid.

Monocrystalline Solar Panels: The system comprises 24 high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panels, each with a power rating of 550W. These panels are designed to convert sunlight into electricity, maximizing energy generation and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. By harnessing the abundant solar resource in Indonesia, the apartment complex can tap into a clean and renewable energy source while reducing its carbon footprint.

Pitched Roof Mounting Bracket: To ensure the optimal positioning and performance of the solar panels, a pitched roof mounting bracket is utilized. This sturdy and secure mounting solution allows for efficient absorption of sunlight, thereby maximizing energy production.

The AJPOWER Hybrid Off-Grid Solar System

Distribution Box, Battery Combiner Box, and Photovoltaic Cable: These components form the integral electrical infrastructure of the system. The distribution box ensures safe and efficient energy distribution within the apartment complex, while the battery combiner box allows for seamless integration and management of the lithium iron phosphate batteries. High-quality photovoltaic cables ensure the smooth flow of electricity from the solar panels to the inverter and batteries.

The installation of a 22KW hybrid off-grid solar system in a mixed studio apartment in Indonesia demonstrates the power of sustainable energy alternatives. The apartment complex has dramatically lowered its power expenses and embraced a cleaner, greener future by combining the AJPOWER hybrid off-grid solar inverter, lithium iron phosphate batteries, monocrystalline solar panels, and other critical components. This successful implementation demonstrates renewable energy's ability to provide cost-effective and ecologically beneficial alternatives to existing electricity sources.


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