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Harnessing Solar Power for Reliable Medicine Storage: Ensuring Uninterrupted Energy Supply in Zurich's Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Jun 29, 2023

Continual power supply is critical to many businesses in the modern world, especially in healthcare. The Swiss Confederation of Zurich is known for its high standards of healthcare, so protecting important medicines from spoilage is crucial. However, power outages could compromise the stability and viability of these drugs, possibly wasting them and impacting patient therapy. To solve this problem, a medical aesthetic clinic in Zurich, Switzerland approached us at AJPOWER for a long-term solution to refrigerate their vital medications during power outages.

Zurich's Medical Aesthetic Clinic

After full consideration and negotiation, we AJPOWER company decided to build a solar power generation system to provide reliable renewable energy. The chosen solution consisted of eleven 5kwh48V100Ah cabinet batteries designed to meet the clinic's power needs for up to ten days without the use of an external power source. This approach provides a reliable and long-lasting way to preserve a clinic's critical medications and maintain vital operations.

The Advantages of Solar Energy Systems

The Advantages of Solar Energy Systems

Electricity Independence: The clinic is independent of the grid thanks to the solar power system, which guarantees a steady supply of electricity even when the grid goes down or there is a blackout. This independence lessens dependency on conventional electrical sources and avoids the possibility of pharmaceutical deterioration.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly: When compared to traditional electricity generating techniques, solar power produces less glasshouse gas emissions since it is a clean, renewable energy source. The clinic shows its dedication to sustainable practises and has a positive impact on the environment by using solar energy.

Cost Savings: Over time, installing a solar power system may help the medical aesthetic clinic save a lot of money. The clinic may lessen the effects of growing energy prices and allocate resources more effectively to patient care and medical services by lowering its dependency on conventional electricity sources.

Long-Term Reliability: Solar power systems are known for their durability and longevity. The clinic may expect years of steady energy supply with adequate maintenance, assuring the continual preservation of vital medications even during protracted power outages.

5kwh48V100Ah cabinet batteries

The medical aesthetic clinic in Zurich made the proactive choice to reduce the hazards associated with energy shortages by installing a solar power generating system with 5Kwh48V100Ah cabinet batteries. By using solar energy, the clinic reduces the risk of drug deterioration and waste by ensuring an uninterrupted power source for its vital medicine storage. This eco-friendly approach not only improves patient care and safety, but also makes the healthcare system more robust and environmentally friendly. By utilising solar energy, the clinic offers a good example for other healthcare institutions, motivating them to look into alternative energy sources and adopt sustainable practises.

5Kwh48V100Ah cabinet batteries


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