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95-100W Flexible Monocrystalline High Efficiency Solar Panel-Power Your Green Initiatives

Power your green initiatives with our 95-100W flexible monocrystalline high efficiency solar panels. This versatile solar panel is designed to provide excellent power output while being flexible and lightweight. With its high-efficiency monocrystalline cells, it maximizes energy conversion and ensures optimum performance. Whether you are powering small renewable energy projects such as RVs, trucks. Or integrate solar energy into your environmental plans, such as farms, villas. This flexible solar panel is ideal for both. Embrace sustainable power generation and make a positive impact on the environment with our high-efficiency solar panels.

  • AJ-100QHES

95-100W Flexible Monocrystalline high efficiency solar panel-Power Your Green InitiativesProduct advantages

Super light and Super thin design:The weight is only 1.4Kg, the thickness is only 1.4 mm. Easy to install.

Integrated design:Leading the BIPV trend, to get the installation  blend  into the building.

High reliability:Conductive  panel  two dimension  sealing  tech, zero  welding,  strict  environmental test, excellent  anti-aging  performance.

Ultra-high flexibility:Using super-thin silicon solar cell and advanced  organic polymer sealing material, bending radius can reach 0.25m as min.

High efficiency:MWT tech. Solar cell, without  busbar, much high module efficiency.

No lead environmental friendly:Adhere to the concept of green solar design, all material without lead,

Production information

Electrical Performance Parameters (STC)

Specifications / Model

Unit AJ95N36HS AJ100N36HS
Maximum power (Pm)  W 95 100

Power, tolerance  

W 0~ +5
Best operating current (Im) Vm  19.80 20.23
Best operating current (Im) A  4.82 4.96
Open-circuit voltage (Voc)  V 23.87 24.31
Short-circuit current (Isc) A 5.07 5.22
Assembly effective efficiency % m 17.15 18.06

STC: AM=1.5, irradiance 1000W / m², component temperature 25℃ maximum

power test Tolerance ± 3%


Electrical performance parameters (NMOT)
Specifications / Model Unit AJ95N36HS AJ100N36HS
Maximum power (Pm)  W 71 75
Optimum operating voltage Vm 18.2 18.62
Best operating current (Im) A 3.91 4.04
Open-circuit voltage (Voc) V 22.16 22.56
Short-circuit current (Isc) A 4.17 4.29
NMOT: irradiance 800W / m², ambient temperature 20℃, wind speed 1m / s

Product Features

Foldable DesignFlexible Design: The panel's flexible design enables easy installation on various surfaces, including curved or irregular structures, providing versatility in solar system deployment.

Easy to CarryMonocrystalline Technology: The use of monocrystalline technology enhances the panel's efficiency, ensuring optimal conversion of sunlight into usable electrical energy and maximizing solar power generation.

Adjustable BracketPower Your Green Initiatives: By utilizing the 95-100W Flexible Monocrystalline High-Efficiency Solar Panel, you can power your green initiatives, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and embracing sustainable energy solutions.

Multiple Charging PortsHigh Power Output: The 95-100W Flexible Monocrystalline High-Efficiency Solar Panel provides a significant power output, allowing you to generate ample electricity for your green initiatives.

Weather-Resistant and Durable StructureDurable and Weather-Resistant: The panel is built with durable materials and features a weather-resistant design, ensuring reliable performance and longevity even in challenging environmental conditions.

Expandable and ModularVersatile Application: The flexible design and moderate power output make this solar panel suitable for a range of applications, including powering small devices, charging batteries, or supporting low-power electronics in green initiatives.

High Energy Conversion EfficiencyHigh Efficiency: The high-efficiency photovoltaic cells used in the panel contribute to its overall energy conversion efficiency, allowing you to make the most of available sunlight.

Versatile ApplicationSupport Green Energy Transition: The high-efficiency solar panel empowers you to contribute to the transition to green energy, promoting a cleaner and more sustainable future by harnessing renewable solar power.

Company Information

AJPOWER is a trusted provider of flexible solar panels and foldable solar packs, offering innovative solutions for clean and portable energy. With our high-quality products and personalized service, we empower you to embrace a greener future.

Our flexible solar panels adapt to diverse applications, delivering efficient and reliable energy generation. Compact and lightweight, our foldable solar packs provide on-the-go power for outdoor adventures.


At AJPOWER, we understand your unique energy needs. Our team offers customized solutions to guide you towards a sustainable lifestyle. Join us in harnessing the power of flexible solar panels and foldable solar packs, making a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the benefits of renewable energy. Together, let's create a greener and brighter future.

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